Overview of the Marega Project

The Marega Project was established under an agreement between the Vatican Library and the National Institutes for the Humanities to investigate and study the Marega Collection, which was discovered in the Vatican Apostolic Library in 2011. The project was carried out from April 2013 to April 2022 with the participation of a large number of researchers from Japan and overseas.

This important collection primarily comprises documents related to Christians in Japan, collected by the missionary Father Mario Marega before World War II in Bungo Province in present-day Ōita Prefecture, most of which were newly discovered and unarranged. To make the collection available to the world, the collaborative project saw historians in Japan and the Vatican catalog preserve and digitize the documents to publicize them in the Fondo Mario Marega Vatican Library Database. About 40,000 photographic frames were obtained from a total of 14,642 records.

The purpose of this website is to share the details and specific efforts of the project, along with the results of these activities, and contribute to the preservation and management of Japanese documents, dissemination of research methods, and promotion of the understanding of Japanese culture.